About geoWII

Why geoWII?

Everybody who owns or searches geocaches that are hard to find or requires one to complete a difficult puzzle will have noticed will have noticed that rather often other people will mention that they "called a friend".

Some may consider this a normal occurence, other dislike it. But it is happening and will happen. The main problem as we see it is that it is not always fair to everyone since there will be often cases where you don't know anyone you could call (for example, during a vacation in another country) or it is the middle of the night where it might not be exactly polite to wake up someone.

To solve this, we propose that where it is appropriate, the cache owner includes a link to geoWII - so that anyone can get that additional spoiler picture or maybe even skip the puzzle altogether.

The main difference between geoWII and just publishing that spoiler or solution is that here you will be able to see who actually used it - thus people who do solve the puzzle themselves will have the chance to feel slightly superior :)